LinkedIn Outreach Explained

The method I developed when building a digital consulting agency in the B2B segment of autumn 2017.

What is it?


LinkedIn outreach is based on traditional cold mailing, but it is on LinkedIn. You know how traditional cold mailing is time-consuming and open rates are bad? 

This method fixes that.

The entire method is based on putting your networking efforts on LinkedIn on steroids. Since over the last six months, I’ve added 7.001 highly relevant leads to my network (started with only 268). 

My network now consists of people within finance, investing, business development, marketing, recruiting, development and business leaders. 

Imagine being able to build a network on LinkedIn where you have 1000 people segments. What would you do with 1000 developers? 1000 marketers? 1000 salespeople? 1000 finance guys? 1000 influencers? 1000 consultants?

In my opinion, the method can be used to do one of two things:

1. Build a network of highly relevant and nurtured leads (like building 1000 people segments)

2. Upgrading your B2B prospecting and sales process by reaching 100 highly targeted prospects with accepted invitations and response rates of between 30-75% (I have personally gotten 80% acceptance rate, getting in dialogue with 80 people a day).

Who is it for? 


The strategy was primarily developed to start and build a digital B2B consultant agency at Inspiro last autumn. The first 60 days, we went from $0 to doing over $80K in sales. It was a brand new concept; we had no prior contracts or network to leverage. And we started developing the strategy on day 1. 

Taking this into consideration, the strategy is for:

– B2B businesses that want to increase the quality and amount of leads they get into their sales pipeline.

– Businesses that want to increase their PR, by adding a ton of relevant PR people and picking up the dialogue for cooperation.

– Someone that wants to build a personal network with unlimited opportunities, by created 1000 people segments.

How does it work?


The entire strategy starts with defining a target audience. When we developed the strategy, we targeted sales managers and directors. 

Then you create a highly targeted “cold-message” sequence with 3-5 messages that are meant to; 1) deliver value, 2) qualify the prospect, and 3) convert. This sequence can be built in any way you want, and start with a personal note you attach to your connection request. 

Once you’ve written the sequence, you input both the target audience and messages into a tool called LinkedHub (I know the founder and developer, a fantastic guy).

This software, even though their website looks “shady”, allows you to enroll 100 people in your sequence every single day automatically. The software will send 100 connection request to your highly targeted audience every single day. 

What rates can one expect? 

The results vary from niche to niche and are highly dependent on the product and your pitch. We had a ROAS of about 20.000% when we created the agency last year. 

The best part of the strategy is that you save 100% of your marketing budget, as the software only cost $100/month per user. 

Here are the average rates one could expect:

– Accept request: 30-75%

– Replies: 30-50% (of people who accept request)

– Converted to meetings: 10-20% (of people who replies)

Written by Harald Roine to NEXIBEO – 16th of April