eBay SEO Sales Machine


Welcome to the project!

On this page you will find everything you need to know about the eBay SEO Sales Machine project, what your task is, how it is done etc. This page is also a dashboard and portal for you to find the different resources you need to perform your task.

Project: eBay SEO Sales Machine!

The project is based on a small side-hustle 4-6 years ago, and resulted in 230 passive sales of iPhone earbuds priced ad $2.99. These earbuds was dropshipped from Aliexpress and sold on eBay. 

This project is meant to pick up that concept and do it on a bigger scale. We shall find top sellers and hot products at AliExpress and sell them on eBay. 

The Process

Find hot and trending product —> Push the product to eBay + Google Spreadsheet —> Check for purchases every 2nd day —> Fulfill orders that are made.

Profit margin:

Every product that is taken from AliExpress shall have a 30% profit margin on top of product price + shipping (e-packet).


Your tasks:


  • Find hot and trending products
  • Export the following information into a Google Spreadsheet
    • Name (copy-paste)
    • Product price
    • E-packet shipping price
    • Link to product
  • Adds them to eBay
  • Check-in to update products
  • Check-in to increase account limits
  • Fulfill orders
  • Send reports to Harald using the form at the bottom of this page.


Lesson 1: Find hot products
Lesson 2: Export products to Google Sheets
Lesson 3: List the product at eBay
Lesson 4: Fulfill purchase on eBay
Lesson 5: Extract purchase shipping details into AliExpress

Sending reports 

You shall send reports weekly, and it is done on mondays, and include statistics form the previous week. 

The report email shall use the following template: