“This is how our clinic reached more than 100.000 people and doubled our new-client flow.”

What would it mean to your clinic if you were able to reach more than 100.000 people with the message that you could fix their teeth or the specific problem they have? 

In this case study you will learn exactly how we helped a dentist clinic reach more than 100.000 people, and their brand viewed over 1 million times in a short period of time, which resulted in them doubling their new-client flow. 

As a marketer, I notice several big problems with the way clinics market their services in order to attract new patients. 

This isn’t that odd, as it is something most clinics do wrong. Most dentists, such as you, are experts at helping patients after they entered your clinic, not getting them to your clinic. 

This is how we helped a dentist clinic reach over 100.000 people, and had their brand exposed over 1 million times:

It all started when a friend of mine asked if I still was doing marketing as a consultant. As it was something I was open to, he referred me to one of his buddies, Erik which was the owner of a dentist close to where I lived. 

After the initial talk with Erik, we decided to see how my agency could help their clinic. 

As a marketer I was surprised when he said that they didn’t have a marketing strategy in place. By not having any marketing campaigns, the upside was tremendous. 

What I did next is what made the gig blow up. We focused on one single problem that the target audience around the clinic had. We started with teeth that hurt. A general and a bit broad problem, but it worked like clockwork.

After a bit of pondering, we:

– Created a Google search campaign for keyword phrases related to teeth that hurt. 

– Wrote an article on the topic. The article was basically a self-diagnosing guide, which told people to reach out to the clinic if they had any of the symptoms. 

– Ran a Facebook brand-awareness campaign for the article, to a target audience of 2 miles in radius from the clinic. 

After only $1.000 in adspend, the clinic had new clients worth over $20.000 rushing their clinic.

Erik, the owner of the clinic was so happy that he extended our contract, and since then we’ve used the same framework and approach to launch 4 more campaigns and articles in a similar fashion. 

During our time together, we’ve helped the clinic reach over 100.000 people, and have their brand viewed more than 1.000.000 times. 1.060.024 to be exact!

All we did was implement a clever targeting strategy where we 1) identified a target audience with a specific problem, 2) created content that is relevant to that problem, and 3) built targeted marketing campaigns that positioned the clinic as an authority that can help.

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