“Expertise”, your clinic’s worst enemy

Do you work as a dentist or in a dentist clinic?

As the market is getting more saturated, and the competition more fierce, consumers are getting bombarded with marketing and sales messages to buy. 

However, the more ads we see, we’re less likely to buy. How come? Due an ever-increasing battle of capturing the correct customers and getting new patients to your clinic; your expertise is your enemy.

As consumers, we want the best. You are an expert in your field, and you’re the best.

How come they not see that, and go for your competitor?

The reason is as mentioned in the headline.

Your expertise is your worst enemy.

Let me explain.

As mentioned, consumers want the best. When our teeth hurt, we want the best dentist. Which is fair and reasonable.

However, you are an expert at fixing teeth that hurt (which is a simplified explanation of course). Since you are an expert in the field, the chance of you being an expert on marketing and sales is rather low. 

This is a good thing. 

Remember that I said consumers want the best? You are the best. 

The reason that people don’t pay YOU to fix their problem and becoming a patient at your clinic, is that you lacking experience and knowledge within marketing. 

“Well, then I am going to get better at marketing!” – You may say. But let me give you a warning. If you shift lanes and try learning marketing, your dentist skills will probably decline. And what happens then?

You will no longer stay the BEST. 

Let me tell you what smart dentists do. They outsource. 

This may sound scary at first, but let me explain the logic behind it.

You are an expert at fixing teeth, and that is what consumers want. We want the best.

And we want YOU to remain in the position of being the best. This is why you need external help. To turn things around and start building a more sustainable flow of new clients for your clinic, you need to get someone onboard that has the knowledge and expertise outside dentistry, someone that is a marketing and sales expert. 

You’re an expert in fixing teeth, not attracting new clients through clever and complicated marketing campaigns. 

By not taking action to even out this huge disadvantage by nature, you are hurting your clinic, your associates and your reputation. 

Who wants to go to a clinic with a website that looks like sh*t. One that conveys the wrong marketing message.

I am not saying this is you, yet this is still a problem in the market you’re in. The market for fixing teeth. 

Let me ask you a question. 

How are you attracting new patients to your clinic?

Is it word of mouth?

Perhaps you have a referral program with existing patients? 

Without a strategic plan to build an audience, attract new patients and get loyal and long-term patients, you will have a problem soon or sometime in the future. 

This unfortunate future is something I do not wish anyone, especially not you. And is the main reason I decided to write this article.

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