Why you’re not getting new clients to your clinic

Are you a dentist or do you work at a dentist clinic?

Thousands of people are searching for your clinic every single day, so that they can solve the issues and the pains they have. But, they end up going with your competitors.

This is a typical problem for most clinics that offer their services to the consumer market. In this article you will learn why this is happening to your clinic, and how you can solve it.

As mentioned, this is a normal problem, yet very few businesses such as yours know how to handle it in an inexpensive way. 

It all starts with the individual clinic. This trend is caused by lack of knowledge, lack of expertise, and lack of strategy. Yet, this is not your fault.

If you work as a dentist or work at a dentist clinic, you are most likely incredibly good at what you do. You’re a professional. However, the probability of you being an expert in marketing is rather low. And trust me, that is a good thing.

How come?

As comsumers we’re always looking for the best solution, the best quality, and the highest quality on the market. There is no exeption when it comes to finding a dentist. We want the very best dentist there is.

And that is you.

However, since you’re a professional, an expert in your field, your clinic is hurting. This is caused by the lack of knowledge within the marketing space.

By being inferior in marketing, your clinic is missing out on a lot of revenue, and it is hurting your associates. It may even show to be so severe that it will be a hard task to keep the clinic up and running the coming years.

This is something I wish neither you or your clinic, and is in fact the very reason I decided to write this article, and have you read it.

The main reason you are missing out on revenue is the lack of exposure and relevance. There is an easy fix to this by exposing it to the right person through the right plattform at the right time.

As a dentist, your target audience can be segmented into the following groups:

1. Their teeth hurt.

2. Their teeth are fine.

The first one is easy to reach, and it can be easily done through advertising.

The second one is harder to convert to patients, yet can be done through branding.


This is where I wish to aid you. After more than 7 years of marketing experience, and helping denist clients double and even triple their new-client flow, I am confident that your clinic will experience a growth in new clients and get a positive return on investment.

We are BURO Ventures wish to help your clinic reach the right audience with an effective message, so that your clinic will reach those who need your services.

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